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The Law Offices Of L. Lee Lockett
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The Law Offices Of L. Lee Lockett
Lee Lockett

644 Cesery Blvd. Suite 330
Jacksonville FL 32211
(904) 858-9818

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The Law Offices Of L. Lee Lockett

Here at the Law Offices of L. Lee Lockett we realize that "bad things happen to good people". Please call us at 904-858-9818 for a free case analysis of your DUI or Criminal matter. We also can help with family law needs as well.

We handle a variety of cases involving DUI’s, criminal defense, domestic/family law, traffic offenses, driver license reinstatements, sealed records, personal injury, appeals, probation violations and more. We also handle civil forfeiture actions in the event the government has seized your personal property as a result of an arrest.

If you were not satisfied with the result of your case after it was finalized, we do handle certain types of appeals as well. Or, if you were satisfied, but would like to have your record sealed or expunged, we can do that too.

Our offices are located in Jacksonville, Florida and we serve the greater metropolitan area of Duval, Nassau, Clay, St. Johns, Putnam, and Baker counties. Where there is a special need, we will travel further in some cases.

Lee Lockett has over ten years of legal experience and is a former prosecutor and served as an Assistant State Attorney and Division Chief for the Fifteenth Judicial Circuit. He has been the lead attorney in more than 50 jury and non-jury trials. Please see our home page for our complete list of services and read about the one that fits your needs. If you call now and mention our web site, you will receive a free consultation! 904.858.9818.

Please Call: 904-858-9818

Lee Lockett

Lee Lockett was born and raised in Jacksonville. Lee Lockett attended Florida State University for his undergraduate studies and graduated in 1992. After graduating from FSU he traveled south to Miami where he was accepted into law school at St.Thomas University School of Law. There Mr. Lockett was elected to the Executive Board of the Moot Court Team. Mr. Lockett was awarded the Book Award in Criminal Procedure II as a third year law student. After graduation he was offered a position with the State Attorney's Office for the Fifteenth Judicial Circuit. As an Assistant State Attorney he was asked to serve as "First Chair" in over 30 jury trials and countless non-jury trials and hearings. In his second year he was promoted to Division Chief in County Court Division E where he supervised all attorneys in that division and made DUI filing decisions. After leaving the State Attorney's Office, Mr. Lockett served with the Public Defender's office where he received the prestigious "ROC" Award.

Lee Lockett has been practicing for nearly 12 years and has in excess of 45 Jury trials to his credit. He is a member of the Jacksonville Bar Association, Florida Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, The Northeast Florida Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, Criminal Law Section of the Florida Bar, The Florida Bar Association, Law Week Committee 2005-2006, Judicial Relations Committee of the Jacksonville Bar Association,Gator Bowl Committee 2004-2007. He is admitted to practice in all counties and circuits in the state of Florida as well as the United States Federal Court for the Middle District of Florida. Mr. Lockett has received the highest rating ("Excellent") offered by AVVO, an independent lawyer rating system.

Criminal Defense

We all have hit a bump or two in the road in life. For some of us, it unfortunately lands us in the wrong place at the wrong time. This could mean an arrest in certain situations. Here at the Law Offices Of Lee Lockett a Jacksonville Criminal Defense Attorney, we understand that bad things happen to good people. It’s essentially our motto. When you’re down on your luck, look to us to turn your luck around. You deserve some good news. We’re here to help.

Understand that even though you may have been charged with some criminal wrongdoing, it doesn’t mean the you will necessarily suffer a criminal conviction. Oftentimes, in certain cases, it is possible to get your charges dropped or reduced. Some of our clients have been qualified for pre-trial diversion programs which takes their cases out of the court system and results in an outright dropping of all charges at the conclusion of the program. Even for those who are not eligible, it still may be possible to avoid a conviction and even get your record sealed or expunged! It pays to hire the best Jacksonville Criminal Defense Attorney you can find.

In any criminal prosecution, the prosecutor has an obligation to provide certain documents and evidence to the defense. As a former prosecutor serving as an Assistant State Attorney for the Fifteenth Judicial Circuit, I understand what goes into prosecuting a case and what is needed to successfully negotiate with the state attorney’s office. I now use that experience to the benefit of my clients. Know your rights! In felony cases, the state may not have yet filed the charges against you. In that event, your attorney may be able to negotiate before the charges are filed to increase your chances of avoiding a felony prosecution altogether. Misdemeanor prosecutions can likewise be negotiated and result in lesser charges being filed or even having all the charges dropped in certain situations. Others can expect that their cases may be resolved in a way that will clear them for a record sealing or expungement if they are eligible. See our criminal records section for details.

Our firm has handled every type of misdemeanor and felony arrest out there. From homicides all the way down to traffic tickets, we know how to defend you! See our specific sections dealing with DUI's, Drug Crimes, Sex Crimes, Domestic disputes and the rest for more specific information on your case. Always remember that you are never obligated to speak with a police officer who is investigating you for a crime! You have a right to refuse or call a lawyer to assist you in the investigative phase. Your rights aren’t put on hold until after you are arrested! You have them right now! Learn how to exercise them and call us now. L. Lee Lockett Law, Jacksonville Criminal Defense Attorney at 904.858.9818. We are here for you 24 hours a day!

Drug Crimes

Our Jacksonville, Florida based criminal defense law firm has successfully represented individuals charged with various drug crimes. From felony Trafficking all the way down to simple misdemeanor possession, we’ve handled it. Know your rights when dealing with the police and never speak to an officer investigating such a crime without speaking with your lawyer first!

As a former prosecutor division chief, Attorney Lee Lockett has handled many drug crime prosecutions for the State Attorney’s Office. Thus, he knows what goes through the mind of a Detective and the Prosecutor when filing such charges. Often times, the more serious felony drug cases will include a lengthy investigative period prior to arrest where the police may seek an interrogation with you. Do not engage in such an interview without first contacting us! We offer free consultations and go over with you your rights when dealing with the police. Often times individuals are coerced into making statements due to an implication that such cooperation will benefit them. This is simply not the case and oftentimes this “cooperation” is what seals the case for the prosecution! We have conducted interviews with Detectives right here in our office, “on our turf” as opposed to you going down to the police station by yourself.

We have successfully challenged many different drug cases that have resulted in dismissals, evidence suppression and not guilty verdicts. Constitutional search and seizure issues often play a role in our success as well as improper police questioning tactics and statute of limitations. We are happy to review your case at no cost and invite you in for a free consultation. We are here for you 24 hours a day and on the weekends! Never go it alone! We understand that bad things happen to good people! 904.858.9818

Sex Crimes

Have you been accused by a family member, friend, neighbor, co-worker, spouse, girlfriend or boyfriend of sexual battery, rape or assault? If you have, it is vitally important that you not speak with any police officers or DCF representatives until you have consulted with an attorney!

These cases are serious and the authorities move quickly and will attempt to interrogate you before you have time to think. Know your rights. Call us today for a free consultation and case review before you answer any questions! 904.858.9818.

If you have already been arrested and your case is currently pending, call us now and we will be able to step in immediately to ensure that your case is handled properly. Several preliminary motions must be filed on your behalf to protect your pre-trial discovery rights. In some cases, where children are involved as alleged victims, a video will be produced with their interview. Sometimes the social worker will ask questions that are leading or suggestive in nature which could lead to unintended answers. Whatever the evidence is, we will get it and review it with you to determine its accurateness and credibility. Just a few examples of the types of sex crimes we handle are:

  • lewd and lascivious battery
  • sexual battery, rape
  • sexual assault
  • spousal rape, date rape
  • child sexual abuse claims
  • violations of sex offender probation
  • failure to register as a sex offender
  • solicitation of prostitution, pimping, prostitution

Here at the Law Offices of L. Lee Lockett, we represent clients in Duval, Clay, St. Johns, Nassau, Baker, Bradford, Putnam, Suwanee, and Columbia counties. These charges are serious. Call today for a free case analysis. 904.858.9818.

Jacksonville FL Criminal Defense Lawyer

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