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Mangone & Miller Law Offices
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Mangone & Miller Law Offices
Landon Miller

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Mangone & Miller Law Offices

Naples Florida Criminal Defense Lawyer Landon Miller people accused of crimes in Naples Florida: all felonies and misdemeanors, including drug offenses, DUI, domestic violence, and violations of probation.

At the law offices of Mangone & Miller located in Southwest Florida, your future is important to us. As experienced criminal defense lawyers in the Naples area, we have limited our practice to criminal defense since 1994.  We have handled cases of all nature.  From murder to manslaughter, from RICO to petit theft.  From trafficking 100’s of kilos of cocaine and marijuana to simple possession. We are confident we can handle your case with the most aggressive representation available combining years of experience and up to the minute resources. If you or someone you know are facing criminal allegations, please contact us at


Criminal Driving

DUI & BUI Defense - Criminal Driving

Being arrested on suspicion of a DUI in Florida is a serious offense. The penalties associated with a drunk driving conviction can include paying very high fines and court fees, having your auto insurance premiums skyrocket or your policy cancelled, losing your driver’s license and spending time in jail. The consequences increase if there was an accident or physical harm caused by drunk driving.

The State of Florida will automatically suspend your driver’s license 10 days after the date of your arrest unless you request a special administrative hearing. You stand a better chance of retaining your driving privileges and winning your DUI case if you have Mangone & Miller Law Offices, P.A. represent you during the hearing.

Consider the following to realize how important it is to have legal counsel when dealing with a Florida DUI :

  • Failure to request a hearing will result in the automatic suspension of your driver’s license.
  • Your license will be suspended for 6 months on a first offense if you failed a breath test .
  • Your license will be suspended for one year if you refused to take a breath test.
  • Evidence and information obtained at the hearing can be used against you by the prosecution during your criminal case.
  • Mangone & Miller Law Offices, P.A. can help you keep your license and even gain favorable evidence during the hearing that may help you during a criminal trial.  

Mangone & Miller Law Offices, P.A. serves Naples, Fort Myers and surrounding counties. We defend clients accused of Driving Under the Influence (DUI), Driving While Intoxicated (DWI) and Boating Under the Influence (BUI). Mangone & Miller Law Offices, P.A. will handle all portions of your DUI defense starting with the formal administrative review concerning your driver’s license all the way through a jury trial if necessary.

We will investigate reasons behind your traffic stop, review the accuracy of the equipment used in obtaining physical evidence and challenge the findings and examine the police report to determine if proper policies were followed and question witnesses.

  • Free initial consultations
  • Credit cards accepted
  • Spanish speaking staff – Servicios del interprete disponibles

Trafficking, Sales and Possession

America’s so-called war on drugs has produced a climate of overzealous prosecution of drug-related crimes.  In this environment of mandatory minimum sentences, effective criminal defense is crucial.  At Mangone & Miller Law Offices, P.A. we represent clients from all walks of life who have been charged with drug offenses in state and federal court.


If you are facing drug charges in Naples, Fort Myers, and the surrounding counties, we provide skilled trial attorneys for professionals, students, repeat offenders and family members who are facing stiff penalties for drug violations.  We also represent clients charged with federal drug crimes in the Northern, Middle and Southern Districts of Florida.  We handle drug charges and related matters including:

  • Possession – of marijuana, crack, cocaine, heroin, crystal meth or methamphetamine; possession with intent to sell
  • Distribution and Trafficking – of all illegal drugs
  • Federal drug charges including – conspiracy, racketeering
  • Money laundering
  • Property Forfeiture – helping clients recover confiscated assets including cash, bank accounts, houses, cars, boats, and planes
  • Free initial consultations
  • Credit cards accepted
  • Spanish speaking staff – Servicios del interprete disponibles

Domestic Violence/Battery Assault

Domestic violence also known as D/V cases are more aggressively prosecuted today than ever before because of heavy funding the police and prosecutors are receiving from special interest groups devoted to the cause of domestic violence.

In the past, the police would not arrest a man or a woman in a domestic dispute in the absence of obvious evidence of serious abuse. Now, police action at domestic violence calls is dictated by a strict agenda which requires police to arrest a husband or a wife or a boyfriend or a girlfriend, if one or the other has any visible injury upon them.

The police take very brief statements and with almost no real deliberation, decide that the injured person is the victim and the non-injured person is a suspected domestic abuser.

If you have been arrested for domestic violence, you must find an experienced attorney who will  investigate and interview you, you’re domestic partner and any children, relatives, friends or neighbors who may have witnessed the incident.

Mangone & Miller Law Offices, P.A. can work quickly to present sworn statements to domestic violence prosecutors before a decision is made to file criminal charges against you. This may avoid a prosecution or defer it until a fairer investigation can be conducted which ultimately may result in no charges being filed.

If charges are filed, notwithstanding sworn statements submitted on your behalf, at least we have made an early showing of strength which will help us prepare a strong trial defense.

  • Free initial consultation
  • Credit cards accepted
  • Spanish speaking staff – Servicios del interprete disponibles

Property Crimes

At Mangone & Miller Law Offices, P.A. we aggressively defend clients against a full range of crimes against property. If you have been arrested, charged with, or are under investigation for theft, arson, counterfeiting, burglary, armed robbery, grand theft auto, or trespassing, you are involved in a case of property crime.

Mangone & Miller Law Offices, P.A. provide equally aggressive representation to every client, regardless of the degree of the charges. It is important that you contact a criminal trial lawyer at the earliest opportunity if you are involved in a criminal investigation. From early advice on how to avoid self-incrimination, through pre-trial motions to have charges reduced or dropped, and at trial, we are determined to get the best outcome possible for our client.

Mangone & Miller Law Offices, P.A.
are prepared to defend clients against charges including:

  • Car theft
  • Arson
  • Bank fraud
  • Burglary
  • Larceny
  • Buying, receiving, and possessing stolen property
  • Counterfeiting
  • Destruction of private or public property
  • Embezzlement and forgery
  • Employee theft
  • Identify theft
  • Credit card fraud
  • Internet fraud
  • Trespassing

In some cases, state or federal prosecutors will prosecute property crimes under RICO / racketeering or conspiracy statutes. Mangone & Miller Law Offices, P.A. are fully prepared to handle these complex cases.
We serve clients from Naples, Fort Myers and surrounding counties to Northern, Middle and Southern federal districts of Florida.

  • Free initial consultation
  • Credit cards accepted
  • Spanish speaking staff – Servicios del interprete disponibles

Naples FL Criminal Defense Lawyer

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