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The DUI Guys, PC
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The DUI Guys, PC
Philip Gagnon

3955 Falcon Street
San Diego CA 92103
(619) 295-6369

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Alt. Phone: (619) 295-6169

The DUI Guys, PC

Please Call: 619-295-6369

Get The Legal Help You Need

During your consultation, I’ll analyze the facts of your case, give you our opinion about it, and discuss our approach to it. I'll explain how we'll protect your legal rights, what your options are, and how the judicial process works. You'll know exactly what happens, and what to expect.

Plus, you'll learn how we will guide you through the California DUI court system, and how we will champion your rights, using our skills and ingenuity to exploit all options in the legal system to defend and protect you.

For example, The DUI Guys will review:

  • the Complaint against you . . .
  • the steps used to conduct any chemical and/or roadside tests against you, to determine if they are valid . . .
  • how the arresting officer's testimony can be impeached.

I will also tell you about our fees. Anything you tell me during this and all other meetings will be confidential, whether or not you retain us.

In summary, with my help you'll get:

  • A free initial phone consultation.
  • Personalized attention. I'll return your phone calls promptly, keep you informed, and answer all questions to help you get your life back to normal asap.
  • Reasonable fees. No surprises or hidden charges.
  • Experience. I’ve been personally helping people just like you resolve their DUI problems since 1995.
  • Aggressiveness. Yes, we accept peaceful settlements with your consent, but always take a tough stance to protect our client.

If you want an attorney you can be comfortable with, who listens to you and understands you, who is sincerely interested in you and your situation, and who will fight for you and get you positive results, call me today at 619-295-6369 for your free consultation.

Remember, the first meeting is free. When we’re done, if you're not convinced we’ll able to protect you to your complete satisfaction, there will be no further commitment or responsibility on your part. I’ll simply thank your for your time.

In any event, at the end of the consultation you'll be more knowledgeable, you'll know what to expect in the judicial process, and be able to make more informed decisions about your case.

Now, this is important: Your arrest may have included a cancellation of your driving privileges. You only have 10 days to respond to this action. As a courtesy to you, I’ll show you the best way to take care of this. No charge. Compliments of The DUI Guys just for taking the time to consult with us.

The charges against you are serious. They can carry severe consequences that could be damaging to your life and career, now, and in the future. The DUI Guys can help you save your license and your freedom. Please call me now at 619-295-6369.


Attorney Philip L. Gagnon, Jr.
San Diego, CA Attorney-at-Law

Please Call: 619-295-6369

San Diego CA Criminal Defense Attorney

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