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Hoyt Law Office
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Hoyt Law Office
Bradley Hoyt CPA, MBA, JD

7577 Central Park Blvd. Ste 216
Mason OH 45040
(513) 218-5621

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Hoyt Law Office


I strive to provide the highest quality of legal services to you and your business in a timely fashion. Serving the Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky area since 1982, I am dedicated to providing you with the best possible representation.  I am available anytime, 24/7, and welcome the opportunity to talk with you and to discuss how I may be of service. I hope you will find this site informative and useful.

Please Call : 513-218-5621

Attorney Profile

Since 1982 I have provided service to clients in Loveland, Cincinnati, Batavia, Hamilton, Fairfield, Mason, and Clermont, Warren, Hamilton, and Butler Counties in Ohio, as well as clients in Campbell and Kenton Counties in Kentucky.   As an Attorney, CPA and MBA I have over thirty years of business experience.  A brief overview of my credentials are listed below.

  • Born: London, England, June 1, 1945
  • Military: U.S. Air Force
  • Resident of Maineville,  OH and Owenton, KY
  • Commissioned Kentucky Colonel 
Bar Admission: 
  • Ohio 1982  ~  Ohio Supreme Court: 0014600
  • Kentucky 2005  ~  Kentucky Bar: 90764 


  • Chase College of Law, J.D., 1982
  • University of Dayton, M.B.A., 1977
  • Indiana University BS in Accounting, 1974
  • Alternative Dispute Resolution - Ohio University 2002
  • Intensive Mediation Training - Capital Law School 2001
  • Family/Divorce Mediation - Beechacres 2002
  • Certified Family Mediator- Kentucky 2004
  • Certified Mediator Ohio
  • Association of Trial Lawyers of America
  • American Institute of CPA's
  • Kentucky Bar Association
  • CFA Institute
Business Experience
  • Corporate council and Vice President of a major corporation, leading the legal, tax, and finance
  • Prepared, executed, and litigated all legal business for several corporations.
  • Facilitated better legal and financial decisions.
  • Provided insight to senior managers regarding the risk inherit in legal and financial decisions.
  • Negotiated hundreds of disputes achieving win/win solutions.
  • Expert at case evaluation for settlement.
  • Trained mediator at Capital Law School, Ohio University and Beechacres.
  • Mediator for Hamilton County Common Pleas Court 2003-2004.
  • Implemented decision analysis process to improve legal decision making.

Please Call : 513-218-5621

Please Call : 513-218-5621

Criminal Defense

I have represented individuals facing felony and misdemeanor charges in both municipal and common pleas courts. I have represented clients for white collar crime, including check fraud, telecommunications fraud, and theft. I have experience in felony drug court. I also represent individuals charged with serious traffic offenses such as Driving Under the Influence (DUI) and in violence matters, including domestic violence. As in all legal matters there are rules that the police must follow before evidence may be introduced in court against you. I commonly file motions to suppress evidence that was not properly attained.


Most criminal and traffic matters are charged on a flat fee basis, depending on the court where the proceeding will take place and the type of hearing or trial. For example, a different fee will be charged if your case has to be prepared for trial as opposed to one that a plea-bargain is the likely result. Payment of these fees is usually required before we will enter our appearance as your attorney in court.

Family Law

Family Law

I provide representation in several areas of family law including divorce proceedings, custody and spousal support.  These areas can be a difficult process filled with disputes and disagreements.  As an experienced Mediator I have facilitated the settlement of legal disputes in business, contracts, torts, personal injury, probate, divorce and family matters.  As a Mediator,  I will work with you to develop agreements on difficult issues while protecting your rights and interests.  

Call 513-218-5621 for a no charge child support and spousal support estimation.


A dissolution is a non-adversarial legal proceeding to terminate the marriage relationship.  Parties wishing to seek a dissolution must reach an agreement regarding the division of property, and if applicable,  the allocation of parental rights and the payment of spousal support.

A couple seeking a dissolution will file a Petition for Dissolution and a Separation Agreement with the Court.  The Court will then schedule a hearing where both parties must be present.  The hearing will take place between 30 and 90 days after the Petition for Dissolution is filed with the Court.  Generally, the entire dissolution process can be completed within three months or less, whereas a divorce with children can commonly take up to 18 months to complete.

A dissolution offers several advantages over a divorce for couples wishing to terminate their marriage.  A dissolution is significantly less expensive, faster and more amicable than a divorce.  However, a dissolution is not appropriate in all circumstances.  Prior to deciding whether a divorce or dissolution is appropriate in your circumstances you should consult with your attorney.




A divorce is a civil lawsuit filed by one spouse (the "plaintiff") against the other spouse (the "defendant") seeking a termination of the marriage.  When a divorce is filed, the plaintiff is essentially asking the court to make a final determination regarding the division of property, and where appropriate, spousal support and allocation of parental rights.

Where the parties are unable to come to an agreement on the division of property, and if appropriate, the allocation of parental rights and the payment of spousal support, a divorce may be the only option for terminating the marriage.




Determining your child support obligation

Ohio law provides strict statutory guidelines for determining the monetary amount of the child support order.  These guidelines take into consideration the number of children, the gross income of the parents and various other factors to arrive at a specific monetary value.


After arriving at a specific number you will need to consult with your attorney to determine if you can take advantage of certain statutory deviating factors.  Depending on your circumstances these deviating factors may permit a reduction or increase in the child support order.


A flat fee is available for dissolutions and some other family law matters. Divorces usually require an hourly fee due to the uncertainty of the dispute and time required.


Mason Office -- Cedar Village Drive, Suite 317, Mason, OH 45040

From I71 North take the Fields Ertel exit 19, at the bottom of the ramp, turn left onto Mason Montgomery Road. Go north on Mason Montgomery road to Cedar Village Drive. Turn left on Cedar Village Dr and the CMC Office Center is the third drive on your right side.


Cincinnati Office -- 1118 Pendleton, Suite 23, Cincinnati, OH 45202

Downtown Cincinnati. Take the Reading Road exit off of I71. Turn right onto Pendleton Street. Park in the Pendleton Sq. parking lot on your left. My office is across from the parking lot.

Contact Information

I am available by telephone 24/7 or you can contact me by email.  I offer two convenient office locations in Mason and Cincinnati:


CMC Office Center
Cedar Village Drive
Suite 317
Mason, Ohio 45040
Cincinnati Office
1118 Pendleton St.
Suite 23
Cincinnati, Ohio 45202

Available by telephone 24/7




Mason OH Criminal Defense Lawyer

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