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Michael J. Shambrook
Counties served:
Michael J. Shambrook
Michael Shambrook

456 N. State Street, Suite A
Ukiah CA 95482
(707) 529-5219

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Alt. Phone: (707) 529-5219

Michael J. Shambrook

Please Call : 707-529-5219


I am a member of the California DUI Lawyers Association and you need a DUI Law Firm and a DUI Attorney, not one who just dabbles in the DUI market.  All DUI's are cause for grave concern.  It is so easy to pick up a DUI and the next one has more than twice the consequences.  It is always advised for everyone to be prepared to fight every DUI.  There are many defenses available to a knowledgeable DUI attorney, especially an attorney willing to fight for your rights and go to trial for you.  It is by being willing to go to trial I get the best for my clients

DUI has these general penalties...  

                                                      1st DUI                        2nd DUI                        3rd DUI

Jail                                      4 days to 6 months          10 days to 1 year              120 days to 1 year

Fines and Penalties          $1400 to $2600                $1800 to $2800                 $1800 to $18000

License Suspension          30 days to 10 months     2 years, sometimes           3 years

                                                                                           reduced to 1    

Ignition interlock

 Required                             Yes in some counties      Yes                                         Yes

In my experience these dollar amounts are deceptive.  For a first DUI you must also pay in addition, court costs and assessments, and then you need to pay for the DUI school program you will be told to attend, You may well have to do AA classes too and your insurance will be astronomical (You will need what is in effect 3 years insurance with very high rates due to your offense - see me about this as I have some special, enormous cost savings ways to help with that if you come to me before certain dates regarding your case!) so the cost amounts to rarely less than $4,000.00 for a first offense.  Court may grant you some time to pay...

BUT,  pay you will !!!


your license will be suspended!!! unless you fight it with a knowledgeable lawyer who does lots of DUI's regularly...

You need a good DUI lawyer to defend you !!! 

Contact me immediately for advice.  529-5219 (Area code 707)   or Mjshambrook at Gmail dot com.   For more information go to my DUI page









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The Cost of Being Arrested

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1. I offer my clients:



2. I offer my clients:


should they (their family or their employees) be in any legal or medical emergency, e.g. in an accident or detained/arrested.


If you really want an attorney who knows his business and who goes to bat for you . . . and who answers your emails and phone calls,  . .  .then give me a call and see if you get the response I promise, and the response you like !...  


Contact Us   About Michael Shambrook

Please be aware that your email does not constitute an Attorney-Client relationship.  You become a client ONLY upon your signing a written agreement I prepare outlining the terms of the relationship, and not before.


Michael John Shambrook:

Born and raised in the UK.  I am happily married.  I earned my BA in Business Studies at Wolverhampton Polytechnic, before it became Wolverhampton University, in the UK.  On completion of my degree, I achieved a post graduate diploma in Marketing.  

I came to California after a 4 year stay in Hong Kong from 1990-1994, where I taught Economics and Accounting at various schools including the two leading schools on Hong Kong Island: English School Foundation's "Island School" and the French Cultural Attache's "Le Lycée Français International de Hong Kong".

I came to the USA as I believe in the American Dream that all people are equal, and that none should enslave another directly, nor indirectly through their vote, or other instrumentality.

To celebrate and champion my ideas, I have a "practice" that I adapt and follow in "The Happiness Workbook".   

Michael J. Shambrook, Esq.

Attorney at Law

DUI Attorney &

State and Federal Asset Forfeiture Attorney

529-5219 (Area code 707)


Offices in

Mendocino (Ukiah) , Sonoma (Santa Rosa), Marin (San Rafael) Counties

serving all of Northern California


Asset Forfeiture - Medical Marijuana Defense

(Federal and State)

Ukiah CA Criminal Defense Attorney

Cities served:
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