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Law Office of Sara L. Caplan
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Law Office of Sara L. Caplan
Sara Caplan

9828 Yoakum Drive
Beverly Hills CA 90210
(310) 550-5877

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Law Office of Sara L. Caplan

The Law Office of Sara L. Caplan
We are a full service Law Office focusing on Criminal Defense and Immigration matters. We realize the importance and the long lasting impact of such matters on your future, your career, and your family. Knowing the trauma and crises our clients experience on a daily basis, we respect and involve every affected individual in the process of their case. We give each client high priority access (24 hours) and treat each client with dignity and respect.

Please Call: 310-550-5877

Firm Profile / Sara L. Caplan, ESQ.
Sara Caplan is a highly experienced criminal defense attorney (26 years). She also handles many immigration matters. She was for 11 years Of Counsel to Christensen, Miller, Fink, Jacobs, Glaser, Weil & Shapiro; and was co-counsel with Robert Shapiro for 14 years. She is a trial attorney, specializing in criminal defense (state and federal); professional administrative hearings (e.g., medical, dental, nursing, and real estate boards) and many types of immigration matters.

Post 9/11, Immigration procedures have been drastically impeded, especially when criminal convictions or arrests are involved. Criminal matters have a major impact on one's immigration ability and status. Ms. Caplan specializes in representing individuals in such matters with extremely favorable outcomes.

Ms. Caplan has been involved in many complex, multi-defendant, and high-profile cases, which have proceeded administratively and in state and federal courts. She has always handled a high volume of cases and has extensive courtroom experience. Many cases have involved very complicated white-collar criminal fraud schemes, scientific evidence such as DNA and toxic environmental waste matters, as well as psychiatric and sociological issues. She maintains excellent relationships with many judges, prosecutors and private attorneys.

Ms. Caplan has handled many types of immigration matters, including alien petitions for temporary and permanent residency (based on marriage, labor, special ability, asylum and Torture Convention claims, etc.) and adjustments (through the Service and in Immigration Court). She has successfully litigated several Immigration court cases, mainly asylum and withholding of removal cases for immigrants originating in the republics of the former Soviet Union and Indonesia. She has done many merits hearings before many of the Immigration judges in the Los Angeles Immigration Court, as well as handling appeals to the Board of Immigration Appeals.

Please Call: 310-550-5877


Biography / Sara L. Caplan, ESQ.
Sara Caplan is a criminal defense attorney, and she also handles immigration matters. She was Of Counsel to Christensen, Miller, Fink, Jacobs, Glaser, Weil & Shapiro from 1995 to 2006, and before that had her own office and worked with Robert Shapiro, including representation of OJ Simpson and other well known celebrities athletes and musicians. She is a litigation attorney specializing in criminal defense (state and federal), professional administrative hearings (such as medical, dental, nursing, and real estate boards) and immigration matters.

Ms. Caplan attended law school and obtained her J.D. in 1983 at Wayne State University, in Detroit, Michigan. She obtained a Master of Social Work degree (M.S.W.) in 1978, with a major in Social Welfare Administration, from the University of Michigan, in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Her undergraduate studies were completed at Wayne State University, in Detroit, Michigan from which she graduated in 1977, with a B.A. degree, majoring in psychology, and with High Distinction. She was also awarded a Psychology Department Citation for Excellent Accomplishment in Psychology; awarded Psi Chi membership (National Honor Society in Psychology) and was awarded membership in Phi Beta Kappa for academic excellence and accomplishment.

Ms. Caplan is a member of the State Bars of both Michigan and California. She is also a member of the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, California Attorneys for Criminal Justice, Beverly Hills Bar Association, Criminal Courts Bar Association, California Public DefendersAssociation.


Criminal Cases
Below are cases handled by Sara Caplan Law Firm.

Criminal Cases Handled by, Sara L. Caplan.


. People v. Mirian D.: Grand Theft. Probation and Reduced to Misdemeanor on Completion. 2009
. People v. Sevada A.: Possession of Burglary Tools and Possession of Marijuana. Attend 10 NA's and Case Dismissed. 2009
. People v. Anthony Y.: 2 Counts Sexual Assault and Robbery with Priors. Faced 35 to Life. 10 Years State Prison. 2009
. People v. Moises S.: Multiple Counts Possession of Drugs to Sell and Possession of Firearms. Faced 8 Years. Probation. No Jail. 2009
. People v. Shelly K.: Multiple Counts Possession of Drugs for Sale. Probation and 180 Days House Arrest and Reduction to Misdemeanor. 2009
. People v. Matthew O.: Robbery with Priors. Plead to Non Strike Grand Theft. County Jail Lid. 2009
. People v. Carlo G.: Assault with Great Bodily Injury. Pending. 2009
. People v. Glen S.: Multiple Possession of Drugs For Sale. Pending. 2009
. People v. Cody F.: Public Intoxication (Drugs). Pending. 2009
. US v. James S.: Embezzlement by Improper Computer Access. Probation. 2009
. US v. DP: Money Laundering. Probation with 6 months Jail, 4 months Halfway House. 2009
. US v. Mauro M.: Illegal re-entry to US with Multiple Priors. 3 Years Federal Prison. 2009
. In re: Jessie W.: Dependency Proceedings re: Parental Rights. Voluntary Settlement and Parental Rights Restored. 2009
. People v. Hyo C.: Attempt Murder, DUI with Injury, with Multiple Priors. Pending. 2009
. People v. Helen B.: Domestic Violence. 10 Counseling Sessions. Case Dismissed. 2009
. People v. David S.: Probation Violation. Probation Reinstated, Completed and Terminated. 2009
. People v. Chris D.: DUI. Pending. 2009
. People v. KA: 2nd DUI. 45 Days City Jail/Weekends and Alcohol Program. 2009
. People v. Hector A.: 4th DUI. 180 Days (Served 3 Weeks). 2009
. People v. Ali V.: Loitering re: Prostitution. Pending. 2009
. People v. Nima A.: DUI/Refusal. Pending. 2009
. People v. William P.: Marijuana Cultivation and Sales and Possession of Illegal Firearms. Probation and Return of Medical Marijuana and Transfer of Firearms. 2009
. In re: Marina K.: Professional Nursing/Employment Disciplinary Matter. No Filing. 2009
. People v. Guillermo E.: Felon in Possession of Firearms. Pending. 2009
. People v. Adam B.: 2nd DUI. 30 Days County Jail with Alcohol Programs (Served 1 Day). 2009
. People v. David R.: Multiple Driving with Suspended License Violations. Pending. 2009
. In re: Alex K.: Automobile Fraud Investigation. Pending. 2009
. In re: Jessie V.: Federal Forfeiture Claim. Pending. 2009
. People v. Gadi D.: Expungement. 2009
. People v. Luis V.: Reduced to Misdemeanor and Expungement. 2009
. People v. Ryan P.: Possession of Drugs for Sale. Deferred Entry of Judgement. 2009
. People v. Zoltan K.: Multiple Counts Assault with Deadly Weapon/Great Bodily Injury. Probation and Restitution. No Jail. 2009
. People v. Rouhan N.: Domestic Violence. Probation and time Served. 2009
. People v. Mike L.: Probation Violation. Reinstated with Medical Marijuana Order. 2009
. People v. Bart V.: Possession with Intent to Sell Marijuana. Deferred Entry of Judgement. Probation and Dismissal. 2009

People v Dimitri R. & Tiffany W.: Multiple Rape Investigation. Pending. 2008
People v Miguel B: Multiple Rape. Pending 2008
People v James H.: Assault on Police Officer, No Filing. 2008
People v Michelle E.: Grand Theft, Embezzlement Pending 2008
People v Harley C.: Major Drug Sales, Plead to Felony earn Misdemeanor in 6 months 2008
. In re Brendan O: Judicial Forfeiture Proceeding. Pending. 2008.
. In re: Jimmy T.: Petition for Finding of Factual Innocence. Pending. 2008.
. People v. William P.: Possession of Marijuana for Sale (collective cultivation case) and Possession of Illegal Firearm. Pending. 2008.
. People v. Steven W.: Multiple Traffic and Driving on Suspended License Violations and Probation Violations with DUI prior. Pending. 2008.
. US v. Sergio D.: Drug Sales for Racketeering Enterprise (Gang). Pending. 2008
. US v. Jason B.: Possession and Downloading of Child Pornography. Pending. 2008
. U.S. v. James S.: Unauthorized Access to Computer for Improper Financial Benefit. Pending. 2008
. Peoplev. Anthony Y.: Assault with Intent to Commit Rape and Cold Case Forced Oral Copulation and Robbery. Pending. 2008.
. People v. Melissa L.: Probation Terminated Early and Conviction Expunged. 2008
. People v. ZK: assault with deadly weapon and great bodily injury. Pending. 2008
. People v. Oleg P.: Second DUI. Pending. 2008
. People v. Adam B.: Assault on Security; Vandalism; Misdemeanor, Community Service, Probation, Restitution. 2008
. People v. Andy M.: Red Light Camera Ticket; Dismissed . 2008
. People v. Shane M.: 4th DUI; 180 days in IMPACT Jail Program; 1 year drug rehab-in and out patient, 5 years probation. 2008.
. People v. Yevgeniy B.: Driving on Suspended License with Multiple Priors; 5 days Jail; Fine; Probation. 2008
. People v. Rebecca S.: Speeding Ticket and Warrant for Failure to Appear. Case Dismissed. 2008.
. US v. Victor R.: Mortgage Fraud Investigation. No Filing. 2008
. People v. George K: Bank Fraud Investigation. No Filing. 2008
. People v. Simon G.: Attempt Murder; Case Dismissed. 2008.
. People v. Damon W.Jr.: Possession of Illegal Weapons. CalTrans, Probation and Reduce to Misdemeanor. 2008
. People v. Leonel H.: Murder with Firearm for Benefit of Gang; Held to Answer. 2008
. People v. CC: Misappropriation of Checks; Restitution and Reduce to Misdemeanor. 2008
. People v. Carlo G.: Assault with Intent to Commit Murder; No Filing. 2008
. People v. AC: Passing Bad Checks and Related Theft with Prior Strike; Plea and One Year Live in Drug Treatment Program with 5 years Probation; out of state prosecution dismissed and out of state federal case-no filing. 2008
. People v Jose N.: Sexual Assault on Two Minors; Plea to One Count; 3 years Prison.2008
. People v. “Rich Rick” C.: Motion to Withdraw Plea (made with prior counsel) Denied; to be Appealed. 2008
. People v. Camara C.: Obstructing Police Officer and Assault on Police Officer; Reduce to Infraction. 2008
. People v. Adrianne A.: Perjury to DMV. 180 days Weekend Jail. 3 years Probation. 2008
. People v. Maria M.: DUI with Probation Violation; 5 days Jail; 3 years Probation, Fine and AB351. 2008.
. People v. Alla R: already in jail for 5 driving on suspended license convictions and probation violations; 6th Suspended License Violation: Time Served; Burglary-Time Served and 1 year live in program, with 3 years Probation; Multiple Thefts: 180 days work furlough. 2008
. People V. KA.: DUI; 3 years Probation, Fine, AB351. 2008.
. People v. Joon K.: 2d DUI and Probation Violation. 90 days Jail, Fine, SB351 and 180 days SCRAM bracelet for violation. 2008.
. People v. James H.: Assault & Battery on Security Guard; No Filing. 2008
. People v. Steve W.: Attempt to Purchase Cocaine; Deferred Entry of Judgment. 2008

. People v. Jimmy T.: Possession of Counterfeit Merchandise; No Filing. 2007
….Several Months involved as a witness in People v. Phillip Spector. Summer 2007.
. In re: Deborah B.: Nursing Board Investigation. No Filing. 2007
. People v. Deborah B.: DUI. 3 years Probation; Fine; AB351. 2007
. People v. David W.: Possession of Heroin, Ice for Sale, Possession of Firearm, with prior Hit & Run DUI; 8 months in Jail and Inpatient Drug Rehab. 2007.
. DSW v. KC.: Welfare Fraud. No Filing.2007.
. People v. Michael Y.: Felon in Possession of Firearm; Probation Violation. 12 Months Jail. 2007
. HUD v. Vania A.: Welfare Fraud: No filing; Restitution. 2007.
. People v. Mike L.: Possession of Marijuana for Sale, Probation and Reduce to Misdemeanor. 2007
. People v. Maria J.: Possession of Methamphetamine for Sale, held to answer. 2007
. People v. Andre J.: Possession of Crack and Cocaine for Sale, with Prior Strike, 3 months diagnostic and Probation. 2007
. People v. Armen B.: Possession of Heroin, Parole Violation; 8 months Jail. 2007

. People v. Jeff Z: Major Drug Sales; Reduced to Misdemeanor, 3 years Probation and Community Service.2006
. People v. Brian M: Domestic Violence with Great Bodily Injury; 45 days City Jail; Probation Violation, 2 years Prison.2006
. People v. Patricia C: Driving While lmpaired; Reduced to Reckless Driving, 3 years Probation ; Re: DMV License Suspension for Refusal, Overturned on Appeal of DMV HearingDecision. 2006
. People v. Anthony C:Assault and Battery; No Filing and No Civil Claim. 2006
. People v. Boris S: Domestic Violence; No filing. 2006
. People v. David F: Federal Real Estate Fraud; Probation, Restitution. 2006
. People v. Dimitri R: Rape; No Filing. 2006
. People v. Dimitri R: Second Rape Incident; No Filing. 2006
. U.S.v. David F: Federal Real Estate Fraud; Probation, Restitution. 2006
. People v. Rosita G: Multiple Robberies; 4 yrs. State Prison. 2006
. People v. Shaha A: Multiple Shoplifting; Civil Compromise, Case Dismissed. 2006
. People v. Carol M: Embezzlement; Probation, No Jail, Restitution. 2006
. People v. David W: Major Drug Sales/Firearm;180 days Rehab, Probation. 2006
. People v. Clarence J: Multiple Hit and Run; Probation, NoJail.2006
. People v. Clarence J: Possession of Marijuana;15 NA meetings. CaseDismissed. 2006
. People v. Eli D: Speeding;12-hourTrafficSchool. 2006
. People v. Sonny B.: Red Light Camera Ticket. Case Dismissed. 2006.

. People v. Damien H: Murder; Trial, Acquitted. 2005
. People v. Eli D: No Seat Belt; Dismissed. 2005
. People v. Lucio C: Heroin Sales; 3 months Jail. 2005
. People v. Austin C: Public Intoxication & Multiple Outstanding Traffic Warrants; Probation, Fines. 2005
. Respiratory Therapy Bd. v. Raphael N: License Revocation; Supervised Probation. 2005
. People v. Max R: Murder; No Filing. 2005
. People v. Sam R: Hit and Run with Prior; CaseDismissed. 2005
. People v. Adam B: Major Drug Sales & Probation Violation; Rehab, Probation. 2005
. People v. Brendan O: Drug Sales, Grand Theft, Probation Violations; Rehab, Drug
Court, Probation, NoJail.2005
. People v, John N: Major Drug Sales;Probation. 2005
. People v. Michael Y: Fraud; Plea, Probation, NoJail. 2005
. US v. Dede P: Federal Money Laundering; Plea, Deferred Sentence.2005
. People v. Mark S: Real Estate Fraud with Priors; Plea, Probation, No Jail.2005
. People v. George N: Hit and Run,Civil Compromise, CaseDismissed.2005
. People v. Alison S: Hit and Run; Civil Compromise, Case Dismissed. 2005
. People v. Anthony T: Carrying Concealed Weapon; Probation, No Jail. 2005
. People v. Gary G: Attempted Murder, Arson, Trial;7 counts Not Guilty;3 counts
. People v. Lena G: Grand Theft; Restitution, Reduced to Misdemeanor, Probation. 2005
. People v. Thuy V: Major International Drug Conspiracy; Motion to Suppress Evidence Granted, Case Dismissed. 2005
. People v. Maria M: Commercial Burglary, Probation Violation; Plea, B months Jail, Probation. 2005
. People v. Nicole Richie: Heroin Possession; Deferred Judgment, Probation & Case Dismissed.2005
. People v. Tiffany M: Car Jacking-Grand Theft Auto; Plea, 3 yrs,Jail. 2005
. People v. Frank P: Rape; Case Dismissed. 2005
. People v. Ross V: Sexual Assault of Minor ; Case Dismissed. 2005
. U.S. v. Hector F: Federal Real Estate Fraud; Probation, No Jail.2005
. U,S. v. Jonathan D: Federal Controlled Substance Conspiracy; Plea, 18 months Jail. 2005
. People v. Kamran S: Arson, Attempt Murder; Case Dismissed on Motion Re:
Speedy Trial Act Violation.2005
. U.S. v. Renee M: Federal Real Estate Fraud: Probation, Restitution. 2005

. People v. Steven W: Domestic Violence; Rehab and Probation, Reduced to
Misdemeanor and Expunge. 2004
. People v. Thierry H: Public Masturbation; Probation and Reduced to Infraction .2004
. People v. Melissa L: Child Abuse-Probation and then Reduce to Misdemeanor. 2004. Probation Terminated Early and Case Dismissed. 2008.
. People v. Joe N: Date Rape; -Case Dismissed.2004
. People v. Yhali N: Home lnvasion Robbery; Probation, NoJail.2004

. People v. Rudy D: Multiple Date Rape; Case Dismissed. 2OO3
. People v. Ben N: Date Rape; Case Dismissed. 2003
. People v. Jude L: Federal Medical Internet Fraud, Money Laundering, Controlled
Substance Conspiracy; No Filing. 2003, Florida
. U.S.v. Aaron L: Federal Internet Steroid Sales; No Filing. 2003
. Peoplev. Chris K: Sex with Minor; Probation, No Jail. 2003
. People v. Abdul A: Assault and Battery; Probation, No Jail. 003
. Peoplev. Andrew L: Multiple Rape, Fugitive; Guilty, Trial, Jail. 2003
. Notary Bd. v. Ann M: License Proceeding re: failure to Disclose Criminal Record;
Revocation with Permission to Reapply. 2003
. People v. Alex F: Sexual Assault of Minor; Rehab, Probation. 2003
. People v. Vince Neil (Motley Crue): Assault & Battery; Probation. Case Dismissed. 2003
. People v. Dr. Y: Domestic Violence; Case Dismissed. 2003

. People v. Gina D: Child Abduction; CaseDismissed.2002
. People v. Dale G: Drugs& Pornography to Minor; Trial, Not Guilty.2002-Utah
. People v. Howard C: Child Abuse; Case Dismissed.2002
. People v. Gurgit D: Attempt Sex with Minor (lnternet); Probation, Reduce To
Misdemeanor.2002. Expunge, 2006.
. People v. Juan C: Possession/Sales of GHB-Diversion/Case; Dismissed.2002

. People v. Yoram I: Major MediCal Fraud; 3 yrs.Work Camp, Restitution. 2001
. Dental Board. v. Yoram I: Same; Revocation of License; Can Re-Petition in 3 years, 2001
. People v. Steve C: Multiple Assault with Deadly Weapon (Car); Probation, No Jail. 2001
. Peoplev. Gordon J: "Beverly Hills Limousine Rapist” Multiple Date Rape; Trial, Acquitted. 2001
. People v. Roya S: Murder-Motion to Suppress Evidence Granted, Case Dismissed. 200l
. In re: Shervin M: Juvenile Assault; Probation, No Jail. 2001

. People v. David S: Fraud on Inn; Probation, Community Service. 2000
. People v. Gary H: Rape of Minor; Trial, Not Guilty.2000
. People v. Jeff M: Manufacture/Sales GHB; Probation, No Jail.2000
. People v. Frank S: Kidnap/Attempted Rape; Case Dismissed. 2000
. People v. lan B: Murder Solicitation; Probation, No Jail. 2000
. People v. Marcus C: Manufacture/Sales Machine Guns; Probation; No Jail, 2000;
Reduced to Misdemeanor, 2005
. People v. Brian B: Sales of Ecstasy; Probation. 2000
. Real Estate Board. Re: Brian B: Proceeding to Deny License Application; Probationary License Granted. 2000

. People v. Earl S: Recycling Plant Fraud, Conspiracy, No Filing. 1999
. People v. Richard N: Domestic Violence; Probation, No Jail.1999
. In re: David L: Juvenile Assault with Deadly Weapons; 6 months, CYA. 1999

. People v. Daryush F: Multiple Sexual Assault of Patients (sentencing only);
Probation, No Jail.1998
. Medical Board. v. Dr. F: Same; Probation/Supervision of Medical Practice. 1998
. People v. Cynthia A: Domestic Violence; Probation, Case Dismissed.1998
. People v. Daniel M: Domestic Violence; Probation. 1998
. People v. Alan S: DomesticViolence; Probation. 1998
. U.S.v. Arturo S: Federal Counterfeiting;18 months Jail and Supervised Release. 1998
. Peoplev. Lyn O: Massage without License; Probation, Reduced to Infraction. 1998
. ln re: Michael A: Juvenile Murder; Not Guilty.1998
. People v. Aran C: Rape of Minor with Injuries; 20 years CYA until 25. 1998

. People v. Zach Q: Possession of Drugs; Deferred Judgment, Case Dismissed. 1997
. People v. Zach H: Child Abduction, Extradition; Case Dismissed.1997
. People v. Sina A: Multiple Rape; Case Dismissed.1997
. People v. Jonathan S: Fraud on Innkeeper; No Filing. 1997
. U.S. v. Jonathan G: Federal Mortgage Fraud; 18 months Jail and Supervised Release.1997 Arizona

. U.S.v. Marcelle B: Federal Flight Attendant Assault; No Filing. 1995
. People v. O.J. Simpson: Double Homicide; Trial, Not Guilty.1995
. People v. Eve C: Assault of Postman; No Filing. 1995

. ln re: Patrick F:Juvenile Drug Possession; Probation.1994
. Sinatra v. Farentino: Stalking; Favorable Settlement.1994

. People v. lbrahim A: Assault/Deadly Weapon; Probation, No Jail.1993
. People v. Darryl Strawberry: Assault and Battery; Civil Compromise, No Filing. 1993


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