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Law Office of Dee Wampler
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Law Office of Dee Wampler
Adam Woody

2974 E. Battlefield
Springfield MO 65804
(417) 882-9300

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Law Office of Dee Wampler

Dee Wampler is a Springfield, MO native with a Juris Doctor from the University of Missouri School of Law-Columbia. Mr. Wampler has more than 30 years of experience in the courtroom. He served as assistant Greene County prosecutor from 1967-1970, was elected as a prosecuting attorney from 1971-1972, and has engaged in private practice since 1973 in which he specializes in felony criminal trial work. He became one of the youngest elected Prosecuting Attorneys in Greene County, Missouri.

Dee Wampler's work as a criminal trial attorney has earned him a national and international reputation. His cases have been featured on investigative television programs, including: "Saturday Night with Connie Chung," "Inside Edition," "Prime Time," and "Court TV."

High School: Central and Parkview High Schools, Springfield, Missouri.

Top 15 in nation in debate competition. Winner of numerous awards in debate competition and extemporaneous speaking.

College: Drury College, 1959, Springfield, MO.
Activities: Member: Lambda Chi Alpha, Social Fraternity; Pi Kappa Delta, Honorary Speech Fraternity; Member "A" Debate Team, best win-loss ratio at Drury.

Northwestern University, Evanston, IL 1960.
Activities: Officer, Inter-Fraternity Council; Officer,
Lambda Chi Alpha.

University of Missouri, Columbia, MO 1961-2
Degree: Bachelor of Science, Public Administration.

Activities: Member "A" Debate Team, best win-loss record for 1961, 1961. Attended 20 college tournaments in Big 8, Big 10. Cited by President Elmer Ellis for EXCELLENCE IN DEBATE. AWARD OF MERIT, Stephens Oratory Contest, 1961. AWARD OF MERIT, Stephens College, 19061. AWARD OF EXCELLENCE, Debate, Stephens College, 1961. M.U. Extemporaneous Speaking Contest, 2nd Place, 1961, 1962. Member: Delta Sigma Pi, Business Fraternity, Athenaen Society.

Please Call: (417) 882-9300

Please Call: (417) 882-9300

Preparing Your Case

Your initial interview is protected by the attorney client privilege and remains confidential forever. This is a helpful promise form the legal profession and encourages you to be truthful and candid in telling me everything about your problem. You do not have to tell me anything at all if you do not wish, but whatever you do, make sure what you do say is the truth. Like a doctor who tries to prescribe medicine for a patient, if you don't tell me where it hurts, I can't prescribe the right medicine. Once I've heard your complete story, I am in a position to evaluate your case .  

After the initial interview, for which there is no charge, I will begin to investigate your case, which may include taking a tape recorded statement from you (which is transcribed and a written copy of the transcript is sent to you). I need to locate and identify witnesses in your case and preserve evidence. If it is necessary, I will take photographs, tape record witnesses, and/or locate and preserve physical evidence. Authorization may be needed to obtain information about your medical condition, as well as school, financial records, traffic or criminal records. Other written authorization may be required. I may need to consult with experts, take depositions, and incur expenses on your behalf such as long distance telephone calls, photocopies, postage, mileage and other expenses for which you will be periodically billed. No major expenses will be incurred without your advance approval. You may be asked an advance expense deposit. As I investigate your case, I will form judgments about the predicted outcome, proceeding to a jury trial, and what must be done to convince a jury of the strong points of your case. I will keep you advised of important developments in your case and will send you copies of all important pleadings and letters so that you are consistently kept aware of your case's progress. Many cases do not end in a jury trial, but are compromised, settled, or dismissed prior to trial. It is impossible to predict specific outcomes in cases, and I'll always appreciate your thoughts.  

After retaining my services, formal legal discovery begins with the preliminary hearing and, eventually, by obtaining copies of the Prosecuting Attorney's investigative reports. These will immediately me photocopied and mailed to you. If you disagree with any of the contents of the police reports and the Prosecutor's files, you should let me know in writing. Depositions may be taken of the Prosecution's witnesses. These witnesses can be subpoenaed before an official court reporter, and a transcript of questions and cross-examination of the witnesses will be examined and sent to you.  

A trial is a process whereby your story is told in accordance with the rules of evidence to a judge or jury which decides true facts. It is necessary to file pre-trial motions asking the court to make advance rulings on important matters. Your presence may be required for these hearings, and you will be notified in advance. Generally you will not be testifying or making statements in court, as I will be doing most of the talking for you. There are certain deadlines that are set by the court, such as the date by which I must answer the government's motions for disclosure, advising the court of generally what your defense will be, providing names and addresses of your witnesses, as well as existence and location of physical evidence that you intend to present at a trial. If you do not tell these important things, then I cannot notify the Prosecutor, and without notifying the Prosecutor, the judge forbids you from introducing these things into evidence at trial.  

Particular Types of Cases
My practice is limited to the defense of felony criminal cases in both state and federal courts. I do not handle misdemeanors or civil cases (personal injury, divorces, child custody, corporate, real estate, probate). As a criminal trial attorney, I consider it a pleasure and honor to represent you and try to help you in court.  

Discussions with Others
Once you have retained me, do not discuss your case with anyone else (outside your immediate family). Anything you say to friends, neighbors, or relatives either in person or by phone can possibly be used against you if that person decides to testify against you in court. It is better to say nothing rather than to say something which may be misunderstood and used against you in court.  

Calls and Communication
Since I am a trial attorney, most of my time is spent away from the office at state and federal courthouses. Whenever possible, avoid telephoning the office for routine questions (your questions will be answered at appropriate times). Should you have specific questions, you should ask them at the initial office conference or, if necessary to telephone the office, leave an exact message. If possible, my office staff can answer your questions immediately. If information is learned, or events occur in your case, we will contact you, usually in the course of regular mail. If you change addresses, telephone numbers, or have other important changes in your life which affect your case, leave this message at our office immediately. Clients are seen by appointment only, if you are unable to keep an appointment, please call as far in advance as possible.  

Attorney Fees and Expenses
There is no charge for the initial office conference. A charge, a nonrefundable attorney fee is then assessed to cover several months' work during which your case is investigated, analyzed, plea bargained, and initial appearances are made in court. This fee is due immediately. No additional fees are due until the final stage of the case. After the initial attorney fee has been earned andmonths of investigation and work have been completed, you will be notified as your case moves into the final stage. The second stage of your case has to do with final type jury trial preparation. Since it is never known for certain whether a case is going to proceed to jury trial or not, a decision must be made as to whether it is your desire to proceed to jury trial. You will be billed a final attorney fee to cover trial preparation or of the jury trial. If the case is later dismissed, settled, plea bargained, or otherwise ended prior to a jury trial, no refund is afforded.  

Bookmark this page, and review it from time to time. It will help you understand what I am doing on your behalf to see that justice is served. You will be sent detailed letters explaining the various stages of your case and what to expect. I will personally conduct most of the work on your case, but there will be certain tasks I will assign to others. Our office employs paralegals who file, run errands, and do other work on your case. Attorneys may also assist me, and in cases outside Greene County, I often employ, at my own expense, attorneys living in the area who will handle routine court appearances (arraignments and docket calls). I appreciate your interest in our Law Office and I will try to do all I can to provide you the very best advice and effort. My work may not guarantee victory, but I do guarantee my best efforts toward that goal.

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