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Law Office of James G. Schmier, PLLC
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Law Office of James G. Schmier, PLLC
James Schmier

2222 Attard
Birmingham MI 48009
(248) 705-3742

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Alt. Phone: (248) 540-0044

Law Office of James G. Schmier, PLLC

Experienced and Aggressive Criminal Defense and Drunk Driving DUI Defense
James G. Schmier is an experienced and aggressive
Detroit Criminal Defense Lawyer and Attorney and Detroit DUI Lawyer and Attorney defending clients charged with Drunk Driving DUI and Felony or Misdemeanor offenses. From our office in Birmingham, Michigan, we serve clients in Detroit, Metro Detroit, Oakland County, Wayne County, Macomb County and all Southeastern Michigan Cities and Counties with professionalism and a commitment to quality representation.

Licensed in State of Michigan Courts
Magna Cum Laude, Thomas M. Cooley Law School
Member American Bar Association
Member State Bar of Michigan
Member Oakland County Bar Association
Governing Council Michigan Bar LPM
Contributing Author, LPM Section, SBM
Top 10% in nation on Multistate Bar Exam
Volunteer Attorney, Common Ground Sanctuary
Mentor Pontiac School District
Member Michigan Criminal Defense Attorneys

The Criminal Defense Attorney stands up for his client against the power of the state, armed with only two weapons, the power of the Constitution and the Lawyer’s knowledge and experience. Our job as Defense Lawyers is to protect the rights of each individual, to guide and counsel, to protect an innocent client from a wrongful conviction. The Criminal Defense Attorney also understands that some good people do bad things and our job is to lessen the impact of an arrest on themselves and their families.

Please Call: 248 705-3742

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Detroit Criminal Defense Lawyer & Attorney • Detroit DUI Lawyer & Attorney
Detroit, Metro Detroit and Southeastern Michigan
Call Today (248) 705-3742

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When charged with a criminal offense or drunk driving, your very life may be at stake. Even misdemeanor charges can have lifelong consequences. You cannot afford to take chances. You need an experienced and aggressive lawyer so you can stop worrying and get your life back. A skilled attorney can make all the difference. It can mean having your children returned to you following an improper sex crime accusation. It can mean getting a drug or alcohol addicted defendant rehabilitated without incarceration or saving someone of having a criminal record. We never forget what an awesome responsibility we bear when we have our clients' lives in our hands. If you are charged with Drunk Driving DUI, a Felony or Misdemeanor, Drug Crime, Minor in Possession, Sex Crime, Domestic Violence, or even a traffic ticket, contact our office for experienced and aggressive defense.

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The Law Office of Jame G. Schmier, PLLC
Criminal Defense and Drunk Driving DUI Defense Attorney
(248) 705 3742

Drug Crime

Michigan & Detroit Marijuana, Crack, Cocaine, Heroin, & Prescription Fraud Drug Crime Defense Lawyer

James G. Schmier, a Marijuana, Crack, Cocaine, Heroin, & Prescription Fraud Drug Crime Attorney will work to provide you the best defense possible against your drug charge.

If you have been arrested and charged with a controlled substance violation such as marijuana, crack, cocaine, heroin, prescription drugs such as vicodin, oxycotin and other analogues, or any other illegal drug, it is important that you talk with an experienced Drug Crime Lawyer and Attorney who can provide you the best drug crime defense possible. As a drug crime defendant, you have many rights but you must have a Lawyer who understands how to protect those rights and understands the drug laws. We work aggressively to protect your criminal record and your future by providing you the best drug crime defense possible.

We represent defendants in all Drug Crime Offenses including:

  • Drug Possession: Possession of narcotics, heroin, marijuana, crack, cocaine, ecstasy, or other controlled substances.
  • Drug Trafficking: Possession with intent to deliver, conspiracy to deliver, or interstate delivery of marijuana, crack, heroin, cocaine, or other drugs.
  • Drug Manufacturing: Cultivating or growing marijuana, operating a meth lab, or manufacturing crack or other illegal substances.
  • Prescription Drug Crimes: Possession or Manufacturing and Delivery of Prescription drugs, analogues, vicodin, oxicotin, ritilin, adderall and other prescription drugs.
  • Other Drug Charges: Prescription drug fraud or writing a false prescription, possession of drug paraphernalia, and engaging in other illegal drug activity.
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The Law Office of James G. Schmier, PLLC

Domestic Violence


Detroit & Michigan Domestic Violence Defense Lawyer
You are facing severe penalties, if you have been arrested and charged with Domestic Violence
If you charged with Domestic Violence, you could go to jail, be shut out of many jobs, and even lose your children. You need an experienced and aggressive Domestic Violence Lawyer and Attorney to defend your rights.

When the police are called for Domestic Violence, someone is going to jail.
When police are called to a home or residence on a Domestic Violence call, they usually end up removing someone from the home. Police make an arrest on charges of Domestic Violence in order to diffuse a situation and prevent further problems. Even if you acted in self defense or did not strike the other person, public policy requires the police to do something.

You need an Domestic Violence Defense Attorney who will treat your Domestic Violence defense seriously.
An argument with a spouse, girlfriend or boyfriend can quickly become a situation where the police are called. Once they are, they will take the matter seriously. You should too. A conviction or even allegations of Domestic Violence may effect your rights to child custody or visitation, you or your children could be removed from your home, and you could face prison time. You need and deserve competent Domestic Violence representation to protect your rights and reputation.

At the Law Office of James G. Schmier, PLLC, if you are charged with Domestic Violence we will:

  • We listen to our client and investigate all the facts related to a Domestic Violence charge.
  • We examine any prior history of your accuser for making false statements about Domestic Violence.
  • We work to uncover any reason that person may have for making false accusations
  • We use any means necessary to uncover the truth and prove your innocence
  • Advise you of your options in fighting Domestic Violence charges
Even if the victim agrees, you may not be able to get the Prosecutor to "Drop the Charge"
Once charged with Domestic Violence, it is very difficult to get the charges dropped; even if the alleged victim of the Domestic Violence forgives you and wants to drop the matter.In fact, in many Domestic Violence cases, especially with spousal abuse, once an arrest has been made for Domestic Violence, the Prosecutor will take over the case. When this happens, even if the victim wants to forgive and forget, the victim is simply a witness and must take a back seat while the Prosecutor goes ahead with the criminal case.

With all you have to lose, this is not the time to go it alone. Being charged with Domestic Violence could have a devastating impact on your life and the lives of your family.

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The Law Office of James G. Schmier, PLLC

Sex Crime

Detroit & Michigan Sex Crimes Defense Lawyer
Charged with a Sex Crime?
If you have been arrested and charged with a sex crime, you are facing severe penalties, damage to your reputation, being placed on the sex offender registry and probably jail. You need an experienced and aggressive Sex Crimes Criminal Defense Attorney to fight for your rights

Your Attorney will Make the Difference if You are Charged with a Sex Crime
You deserve a strong, aggressive defense against any charge of rape, accusation of child pornography, arrest for any type of sexual assault, internet sex crimes, child pornography or any other sex crime. If you have been charged with a sex offense, contact the Law Office of James G. Schmier, PLLC. We will fight to protect your freedom and your reputation

Once you have been charged with a sex crime in Detroit or anywhere in Michigan, you will need to retain the services of a professional, experienced criminal defense attorney who has a successful track record when it comes to fighting sexually related charges. When you face such life-altering legal consequences, you cannot risk being without reliable, experience and aggressive legal representation.

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The Law Office of James G. Schmier, PLLC

Birmingham MI Criminal Defense Lawyer

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