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Comenzo Law Office
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Comenzo Law Office
Richard Comenzo

1896 Beacon Street
Brookline MA 02445
(617) 277-3740

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Alt. Phone: (617) 717-8655

Comenzo Law Office

My name is Richard Comenzo. I am an attorney specializing in Internet Law. My office is located in Brookline, Massachusetts. Please feel free to call my office if you have any questions regarding the Federal or Massachusetts laws applicable to the Internet.

If you have been accused of an Internet Crime and either want to appeal your conviction or have yet to have a trial, contact me.

Below are some of my credentials. My legal expertise concerns Internet Law, Immigration Law, Copyrights and Trademarks, Computer Law, and Criminal Law.

Please Call: 617 277 3740

I am an attorney with over eighteen (18) years of experience in the computer industry.

I possess ten (10) years as a practicing attorney.

I have nine (9) years of Internet technical and legal experience.

I speak both Russian and German.

I have been an expert witness concerning the issue of Electronic Discovery and other Internet related issues (e-mails; ghost imaging; reliability of evidence).

I obtained one of the first trademarks for a Massachusetts Internet company in 1996.

I have incorporated many Internet Companies and counsel them as to their legal rights concerning trademark or copyright infringements.

I have a B.S. from Georgetown University in Russian/Linguistics, a Master's of Education from American University, a CAGS from Boston University in Computer Science together with my law degree. My technical expertise is in database design using ORACLE, MSSQL and NOTES.

I am proficient in Visual C++, SQL, and Visual Basic.

This web site is a resource for the growing field of Internet Law. I will post important decisions by the US Supreme Court, Massachusetts Courts, and First Circuit Court which may affect the constitutional rights of Internet users accused by the government of criminal behavior.

Please Call: 617 277 3740

By sending me an e-mail request, I will be pleased to provide any services or information which I may have to help lawyers understand the Internet or potential clients understand their rights.

Please understand that the information referenced above is provided only as general information which may or may not reflect the most current legal developments, thus the information is not provided in the course of an attorney-client relationship and is not intended to constitute legal advice until and if an attorney-client relationship is established with my firm.

Please Call: 617 277 3740


Legal Services

If you have been accused of an Internet Crime, and either want to appeal your conviction or have yet to have a trial, contact me.

Internet Crimes

What are they?
What do you do when you are charged with a crime?
Contact me immediately.

Computers Links

  • U.S. Government Google Search
    U.S. Government Google Search
  • Internet News Bureau
    Launched in 1995, Internet News Bureau (INB) has become one of the pre-eminent online press release services for businesses and journalists. A division of Jupitermedia Corporation, INB offers clients the ability to reach more than 10,000 journalists and business professionals...
  • GigaLaw
    GigaLaw News
  • Electronic Frontier Foundation
    EFF is a nonprofit group of passionate people - lawyers, technologists, volunteers, and visionaries - working to protect your digital rights.
  • The Economist - Computers
    Non-revolutionary data storage The answer to slow data retrieval may be to shake the system up
  • Economist - Internet
    Nokia is battling to stay on top of the mobile-handset market


Immigration Law

Your challenging immigration problems deserve my creative and thorough solutions.

I possess over 15 years experience as an immigration attorney.  I am a member of the American Immigration Lawyer’s Association ( and mentor many new attorneys for them.  I am qualified to practice before any Federal District Court and the United States Supreme Court.

I am familiar with all aspects of Immigration Law (family, business and employment) which allows many businessmen and their families to obtain U.S. residency. Experienced in business immigration (E-1, H 1B, L 1, EB 1, PERM, permanent residency, naturalization), international business acquisitions, commercial and residential real estate, Internet start up companies and international contracts.

My experience in family immigration includes naturalization, NACARA problems, deportation and removal proceedings.  I have successfully defended clients from deportation.

I am also a criminal attorney which provides me with an edge in defending any deportation proceedings based upon crimes such as aggrvated felonies, crimes of moral terptitude and post-conviction relief.

I have obtained numerous non-immigrant visas (L-1, H-1B, TN). Together with these visas I have provided my clients a green card via
EB-1, EB-2 and EB-3, PERM as extraordinary atheletes and businessmen.  I obtained the very first E-1 Treaty/Trader visa for a Kazakistanian businessman.

Allow me to solve your immigration problems effectively, efficiently and properly.  If you have any questions please contact me at the email address below.

Contact me

Business Visas

Need to know about:

  • the new PERM legislation?
  • how to obtain a labor certification?
  • how to work legally in the US?


Business Services

Knowledgeable in creating and maintaining business structures, included Limited Liability Corporations in Massachusetts. Purchasing and selling existing businesses. Obtaining venture capital for new businesses. CPA who will assist you with all your tax and payroll questions and forms. Knowledgeable in estate law for closely-held (sole proprietorship) businesses. Liquor and Entertainment licenses. Environmental regulations. Inspectional Services requirements. General Business Matters. Non-Profit Organizations.

Internet Companies - Incorporation

I have incorporated many Internet Companies and counsel them as to their legal rights concerning trademark or copyright infringements. I obtained one of the first trademarks for a Massachusetts Internet company in 1996.

Brookline MA Criminal Defense Lawyer

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