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Larry Dawson Attorney At Law
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Larry Dawson Attorney At Law
Larry Dawson

Yuma AZ 85364
(800) 732-5105

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Alt. Phone: (800) 732-5105

Larry Dawson Attorney At Law

Please Call: 800-732-5105

Local Imperial County and Yuma Counsel

Uniquely equipped to handle your case from start to finish.

Licensed in California and Arizona.

Local Imperial County Attorney

Experience, Professionalism

Service To Our Clients

Bilingual Staff

Lastimado en el trabajo en Arizona

Llame Gratis 800-732-5105

Seguro Social - Accidentes de trabajo - Leyes Laborales

CALL NOW! 800-732-5105 - to make an appointment to discuss your legal concerns. The firm will not charge you for an initial consultation on personal injury, work comp or social security cases and all communications are kept strictly confidential.

Please Call: 800-732-5105

Special Appearances

Please Call: 800-732-5105

Mr. Dawson is available to make special appearances for reputable law firms. Check with us to inquire about our reasonable rates. Mr. Dawson has made numerous appearances for many firms on civil as well as criminal matters. If you are looking for knowledgeable Imperial County counsel, contact our office. We will work with you. Imperial County has a number of court venues: Westmorland, Calexico, Brawley and the County seat, El Centro. Our firm represents clients and makes special appearances in all Imperial County venues for a reasonable fee.

For your convenience, fill out our On-Line
Special Appearances Intake Form.

Please Call: 800-732-5105

Misdemeanors Traffic Offenses

Please Call: 800-732-5105

Infractions / Misdemeanors Traffic Offenses


Mr. Dawson has worked as a contract attorney for the Imperial County court system on misdemeanor appeals for a number of years. We also have experience with drunk driving cases and traffic infractions.

Please Call: 800-732-5105

Personal Injury

Please Call: 800-732-5105

Do You Need a Personal Injury Attorney?

A personal injury attorney can help with a wide variety of personal injury legal needs. If you have been in an auto accident, have experienced medical malpractice or even if there is an issue with a personal injury involving a defective product, Mr. Dawson can help you with any questions and ultimately with your personal injury case.

Most personal injury cases are contingency cases meaning the client does not pay for attorney fees until there is a judgment; the attorneys fees are paid as a percentage of the judgment or settlement.

Please Call: 800-732-5105

Lemon Law

Please Call: 800-732-5105

Consumer Protection / Lemon Law


As an Imperial County Bar Association Member and resident of the Imperial Valley and Calexico, I see a real need locally for consumer protection and lemon law local representation. Per capita the city of Calexico now is a center for used car lots. The Valley also has its share of new car dealerships given the large consumer base supplemented by the populace of Mexicali. When you as a car owner are faced with a defective car that cannot be repaired, consider our firm rather than using counsel located elsewhere you will probably never see.

Please Call: 800-732-5105

Family Law

Mr. Dawson has worked for a number of years in the Dependency field. Contact our office should your family be embroiled in Dependency court. Representation also available in family law cases.

Yuma AZ Criminal Defense Attorney

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